I have been with friends from China, Taiwan, Japan, USA and Europe. It is the best thing that I know to be together with international people. That is the reason that I the last year have been together with friends from Hammarkullen, an area which is in the north of Gothenburg.

One of the first times I were there I met an old friend which I have met between 1990 and 2000.

These friends are from China, Taiwan and Sweden at the old lady’s home in Gothenburg. She has been in USA and have started the international home group.


This picture is from December 2010 at a home from a Church where there have been people from South Korea, China, USA and Japan. The Japanese is missing.


Next to me is two persons from Japan, Netherlands, China and USA. In the back from USA and Sweden


Here I am together with my Father.


I like this picture because the Japanese have Yukata on them, it is a light form of Kimono. It was Gothenburg for Japan, because the earthquake with the Tsunami stroke in Japan in the month of March 2011




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