Living in Gothenburg – Göteborg

Gothenburg is the second largest town wit at least 600,000 inhabitants. It is not too big because you can come from one end of the town to the other in maximum one hour. If you were in Copenhagen or Stockholm, you would only come from an outer area of the town to the center in this time.

It is an international town with international people. Many students from abroad from the world are coming to study in Gotenburg at the University or at Chalmers Technological University. Many students come from China, some from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India and European countries. This is just a few that I have mentioned.

In the fall you can take part of Kulturnatten – the culture night, which starts in the evening and goes on until it is late night. When you are here I recommend you to listen to Chalmers Choir or Tabernacle Choir or Swedish Chamber Choir(Kammarkören) where you will listen to beautiful music and songs. It is also a great opportunity to get to see and know Swedish people outside the studies and maybe you can sometime come to a Swedish home and see how people lives.

We have some parks and nature in Gothenburg. Slottsskogen, Botanic Garden, Änggårdsbergen, Mountain behind the Botanic Garden, Delsjön to mention a few of them.

Some people in Gothenburg are homeless. The town has some places for them to sleep in the night and some café’s in daytime and one café in the evening, where they get new clothes and a warm place to be when it is cold in Gothenburg.

Carneval in Hammarkullen

Many people are living in Gothenburg from different countries and this is dancing and you can buy things usually the last week-end in the month of May.

You who are going to come I want to say Welcome.

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